Ducks Shine at GymRat Challenge

Ducks Shine at GymRat Challenge

July 6, 2022

The GymRat CHALLENGE is annually one of the most well-regarded and notable grassroots basketball tournaments each summer. Players from across the country convene in New York to attend the third-largest event of its kind in North America, according to the group’s website.

Players such as Stephen Curry, Epiphany Prince and Breanna Stewart competed in the GymRat CHALLENGE in recent years. The event touts “unparalleled coverage” from a mix of college coaches, scouting services and basketball publications aimed at helping players enhance their reputation within recruiting circles.

Each year, the event selects at All-GymRat CHALLENGE Team of top performers and provides it to college coaches across the county.

The MT Elite Ducks made their presence felt, having 11 players selected to the All-Gym Rat First Team and another 9 players earning selections as honorable mentions.

The full list of Ducks earning honors is below. First-team members received a full write-up from the GymRat Evaluation Team, which can be read below the list.

Girls’ 11th Grade First Team All-GymRat

  • Maggie Elie, F, Rockland High School
  • Liz Gresian, F, West Warwick H.S.
  • Jordan Moreau, F, North Kingstown H.S.
  • Mary Daley, G, Bishop Feehan H.S.
  • Caroline Connelly, F, Northfield Mount Hermon
  • Chloe Richardon, G, Norwell H.S.

Girls’ 11th Grade Honorable Mention

  • Sara Cashin, F
  • Emma Goff, F
  • Grace McCulley, G
  • Sophie Cronin, G
  • Emilia Rojik, G/F
  • Sophie Mhar, G
  • Ella Williamson, G

Boys 12U First Team All-GymRat

  • Jake Lofstrom, G, Kingston Intermediate School
  • Sawyer Ering, F, Kingston Intermediate School
  • Connor Larnard, G, St. Paul’s School
  • Shane Phillips, F, South Middle School
  • Leon Jean Louis, G, Furnace Brook Middle School

Boys 12U Division Honorable Mention

  • Liam Chiappini, G
  • Oliver Curley, F


Player Evaluations

Maggie Elie (2) 5-9 forward, Ducks UA Rise-Diamond/Rockland H.S.: Steady and consistent as it gets. Strong leadership qualities for a young team. Advanced footwork for her age and utilizes it extremely well in the lane and mid post areas. Her footwork translates to the perimeter through an effective jab step and pump fakes to free up space. Ability to drive with either hand and finish through contact. Great vision off the drive and has a pass-first mentality.

Liz Gresian (21) 5-10 forward, Ducks UA Rise-Diamond/West Warwick H.S.: High energy and a fierce competitor with all the intangibles. Always the first on the floor for loose balls, and she gets more than her share. Attacks the glass like every shot is a miss and outrebounds players four or five inches taller. Developing skills offensively, but already very consistent finisher, particularly with her left hand. Defensive effort makes her. good defender, but her active hands and instincts allows for steals

Jordan Moreau (23) 6-0 forward, UA Ducks Rise/North Kingstown H.S.: She has the type of athleticism and skills that allows her to be effective inside or outside, although most effective on the perimeter for now. Willing to sacrifice her body to get any loose ball. Can hit the outside shot and can bring it up the floor off a rebound. Will catch in the post and pass it back out. Runs the floor well. St. Rose, NE-10 schools, Union showing interest.

Mary Daley (13) 5-4 point guard, Ducks UA Rise/Bishop Feehan H.S.: A real work horse who overcomes her size with dedication and desire. High energy that she uses effectively at both ends of the floor. Sometimes a little too selfless on the offensive end. Passes up good looks for perfect ones. Great passer who really sees the floor and delivers it to open teammates. Union, McAlaster, Middlebury showing interest.

Caroline Connelly (4) 6-1 post, Ducks UA Rise/Northfield Mount Hermon School: A silent killer. Not flashy, but fundamentally sound. Does all the little things well. Plays defense, uses her length. Can play down low, but also plays the high post and makes a move off a couple of dribbles to attack the paint. Showed a nice jumper from mid range. Solid player. Interest from Dartmouth and Tufts.

Chloe Richardson (5) 5-8 shooting guard, Ducks UA Rise/Norwell H.S.: A real sniper with range, range and more range. Hit six three-pointers in bracket championship game vs. Maine Firecrackers including a late one that gave her squad a lead with a little over a minute left before the Maine squad pulled it out at the end. Just cannot leave her open. Better at catch and shoot than creating a shot, but has the court sense, if guarded, to dribble into position to pass to open teammates. Made multiple three’s every game here.

Jake Lofstrom (25) 5-6 shooting guard, MT Elite Ducks-National/Kingston Intermediate School: A pure shooter, one of the best at this division. He knows how to move without the ball on offense to get position for open looks or can create shots off the dribble. But he doesn’t force anything. Also showed good hands that resulted in multiple steals and deflections in every game here.

Sawyer Ering (11) 5-8 forward, MT Elite Ducks-National/Kingston Intermediate School: A real no-nonsense player. Never has an issue with working hard. Plays both ends of the floor effectively and is a very versatile player with multiple skills. Showed an ability to use his length to be productive inside, yet also stepped outside with range to make some perimeter shots. The type of player every team should have.

Connor Larnard (0) 5-6 guard, MT Elite Ducks-National/St. Paul’s School: A very good “utility” player who brings a variety of skills to the court. He showed off the ability to score from the perimeter or in the lane when it was needed. Nice form on his jump shot. High motor with extreme hustle on both ends.

Shane Phillips (8) 5-6 forward, MT Elite Ducks-National/South Middle School: Really is smooth on the court. Doesn’t force the issue, lets the game come to him. Long arms allow him to excel on defense, getting more than his share of steals and deflections. Looks to distribute the ball more than look for his shot but did show off range when he did shoot.

Leon Jean Louis (15) 5-3 guard, MT Elite Ducks-National/Furnace Brook M.S.: A real good shooter, particularly from the perimeter. Very calming presence on the court. Good feet on defense. A real team-first player who can score in double figures with ease when his team needs that. Showed a nice mid-range jumper here.